Fire Blanket  

All specification can be customized


Weidun's fire blanket is a specially treated glass fiber fabric which is very soft,smooth and does not irritate skin.Which use fiberglass or Kevlar thread to sew the fold and fire resistance ribbon.So the crafts ensure the whole fire resistance.Since fire blanket is a kind of very soft fire distinguishing device.At the very beginning of a fire can be used to insulate the fire from oxygen,thus controlling the fire.

The normal thickness of the fire blanket is 0.43mm and 0.8mm.In an ermergency,i is a perfective covering,isolating our body from the heat source during an escape.


lt can be easily wrapped in any irregular objects.When compared with the order kinds of fire distinguishers,fire blanket has the following advantages:

A. lt has no expiry date.

B. lt is environmentally friendly. is a good insulator ad hih-temperature resiWEI DUN

The fire blanket is easy to carry&store and simple to use.It is the best choice for and emergency,fire protection and firefighting. ldeal for use in kitchen,hotel,garage,gas station,laboratory,BBQ etc.




    Product Type     anti fire blanket/ fire blanket/ fire blanket with silicone coating
    Material     100% fiberglass fabric,fiberglass/kevlar thread,fire retardant tapes
    Thickness     0.43mm,or customize
    Size     1.0*1.0m,1.2m*1.2m,1.2m*1.8m,1.8m*1.8m, 1.5m*1.5m,3m*3m or customize
    Temperature     550 Celsius degree,silicone ( 300 Celsius degree)
    Area weight     430g/m² (hot),or customize
    MOQ     100PCS per item,1000m for fire blanket rolls
    Package     PVC soft bag or PVC box