Suzhou Weidun Composite Fabric Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of composite fiberglass fabrics in China. We manufacture and sell silicone coated fiberglass fabric,P U coated fiberglass fabric and acrylic coated fiberglass fabric,PTFE glass cloth,EPDM coated glass fiber cloth,aluminum foil fiberglass cloth,glass fiber cloth,welding&fire blanket and so on.Our factory company has been approved the ISO9001 2015.

Because of good insulation properties,high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion and aging of superior performance of our product,so all of them have been widely used in aviation,aerospace,weapons,ships,machinery,metallurgy,steel,thermal power,nuclea r power and other related fields.Especially,It shows excellent performance in the thermal insulation,fire protection,welding industry and other related fields...